Hello, my pen name is “Doku Kinoko(poisonous mushroom)”.

Today I would like to introduce myself simple like that. Currently I am  working as a  computer programmer in Tokyo.  However, I am not working as a company anywhere, I have my own company and I am working as a representative there.

This is my company.


There are several reasons why I established the company independently. One is because the iPhone/Android application has emerged, I feel that individuals have developed services and have become a world where business can be developed easily besides japan.

My technical skills are as follows.
(I focused only on programming languages… ^^; )

  • Swift
  • Ruby (Ruby On Rails)
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C
  • C#
  • Objective-C
  • etc…

As infrastructure technology, we are good at developing mainly using AWS(Amazon Web Service).

Currently, native application development is the main task, but I am also interested in OSS contribution and I have released a couple of iOS libraries.

: LSDialogViewController


Now the entrusted development is the main job, but next year we would like to strengthen our own service.

This time I got a brief self-introduction, but I would like to write about various things I feel, every day to think.

See you around!

336 x 280 レクタングル(大)
336 x 280 レクタングル(大)